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Swedish House Mafia’s sixth and final single “Don’t You Worry Child” is being praised for its deep meaning and beautiful sound. It is rocking shows across the world and displaying the heart that electronic music is filled with. Now it has been remixed by Tom Staar & Kryder. In their version, the duo makes the […]

Swedish House Mafia has been prepping for their One Last Tour by releasing their sixth and final single, as well as announcing the dates around the world. They also released info on their compilation, ‘Until Now’, for the tour which will feature a bunch of their unreleased tracks, some old hits, and some new efforts […]

The big news of the year so far is that Swedish House Mafia has decided to breakup to focus on their personal careers. This has rocked the electronic music scene and caused an unbelievable amount of hype behind their sixth single ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ and “farewell” One Last Tour. Could this be the real […]

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s three mysterious dots. All over the world, there has been three dots showing up in select cities. As we know, the Swedish House Mafia‘s symbol is three dots and they have also been planning a final tour together. From Los Angeles to New York to Russia and […]

With the news coming earlier this year that famed trio, Swedish House Mafia was calling it quits, the initial questions began flooding in. Why were they disbanding? What would happen after? When is their final tour? They followed it up by just announcing that it was “time” and that they had a good run together. […]

With the news that “Don’t You Worry Child” would be their final single/tour together, Swedish House Mafia has created more buzz than ever before. The trio just sold out Madison Square Garden last year and are now calling it quits? After spending the past 7 years working together, this final track is their sixth single […]