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Krewella‘s behind the scenes look into their lives KREWLIFE has just released episode 4. With the first three providing a fun insight into what it takes to tour and play hit shows across the country, the trio continue their ascent to stardom. This episode continues to show the journey with recaps of their stops on […]

Back in November, Krewella launched their behind the scenes videos they call KREWLIFE. The exciting life of an electronic artist is non stop traveling and interactions with fans. Here is episode 3, which follows the trio for their New Years Eve adventures at the Snow Globe Afterparty, Lights All Night, and Decadence all back to […]

KREWLIFE: Episode 1

Chicago trio Krewella has had one hell of a year with their emergence to superstardom. Along the way, they have had a non stop adventure around the US and have brought their music with them. To commemorate their journey, the trio have developed a behind the scenes look into their KREWLIFE. The video shows you […]