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WMC + Club Space Party List, 3/11-13

  Winter Music Conference is in full swing and Club Space is the place to be, click here to vote Space into DJ Mag’s top 100 EDM clubs from around the world!

This is all you’ve got, WMC?

Official Statement from the Winter Music Conference Newsletter: WMC … UMF … WTF?? In case you haven’t already heard, the official dates for Winter Music Conference (WMC) and Ultra Music Festival (UMF) were announced on Tuesday.  WMC is scheduled for March 8-12th and UMF is scheduled for March 25-27th. Unlike in recent years, the events are happening two weeks apart this year, leaving many fans who […]

Club Space Owner Speaks Out About WMC

Hello Electronic Music lovers, With WMC comes WMC Drama, the two just seem to go hand in hand. This year the big D is all about the two different Dates (WMC and Ultra) which are confusing the fcuk out of everyone and raising all sorts of questions… What is up with the 2 dates? What […]