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Charity Strike new featured

Charity Strike and Breathe Carolina turn out more Juice for the dancefloor

Charity Strike is that act that we’re happy to see just keeps creating more fuel for dancefloor enjoyment. their latest remix with Breathe Carolina of Bassjackers and Dyro‘s “X.” The remake raises hairs and influences the raising of volumes with its heavy trap infused section and taking no prisoners by going right into a festival […]


Kuaga transforms and unplugs itself

The Electronic Music ecosystem has become one in which DJs and Producers are 10 times more appreciated if they prove their talent as musicians; thanks to his crafty mind,┬áPierce Fulton‘s “Kuaga” sees a metamorphosis into a high energy rock song. dialing the tempo down and introducing some live guitar along with its much loved vocal […]


Sharkoffs’ take on a Daft Punk Classic will surprise and delight you

  Always thinking miles away from the box, Sharkoffs has a new ace up his sleeve. The robotic voice of Daft Punk’s “Around the World” is flipped on its head and serves as an accent to the uplifting bass music remake that this anonymous producer serves up. Get familiar with the remix right on Sharkoffs’ […]


Autoerotique satisfies as usual with the violent beats of “Bukem”

  True consistency in his style is what makes Autoreotique an exciting name every time he pops up in your feeds, and his latest track with 4B “Bukem” carries this reputation on. Chopping up the main sample to no end above a jarring kick and an upfront siren, this is the raw track you need […]


Eelrack makes us scramble for our dancing shoes with “Life”

A sophisticated groove can be hard to come by, but there are a few up and coming artists who really get it. Letting his basslines talk for themselves, Eelrack is here with a brand new club track “Life.” After a listen to he smooth beat and well manipulated samples, you won’t question his talent. Check […]


Will Sparks’ new Video embraces pure diversity

An individual who’s┬ánot afraid to bring a bounce house to the club, Australia’s Will Sparks is known for contributing to the signature sound that puts Aussies on the map. The video for his latest “Another Land,” however, opens minds up to the universal reach to his music. Taking the narrative focus into the worlds of […]



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