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Wrechiski & Jason Ross’s Atlas forecast a beautiful year for Anjuna

Wear out your ABGT 100 podcast no longer- the last of the wave of world premieres is finally upon us, and one of them comes in the form of Wrechiski and Jason Ross‘s new track “Atlas.” Bestowing a tribal atmosphere onto a dynamic melody and unfurling its climax with unmistakable style, Atlas sets the bar […]


Exclusive Interview: Ryle

Versatile bass producer Ryle was recently featured on Tim Ismag‘s explosive “Anime Fight” EP, and his remix really caught our attention. We took some time to speak to the artist and DJ about the track, and what else he has in store. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, what have you been […]


Produkt X Brings together some of the hottest in house

  The window between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be a time full of pre-party nerves but for those lucky enough to be in the Atlantic City area, it doesn’t have to be. On December 27, Produkt X will bring two talented acts to Haven‘s decks- Phasing Records’ young sensation Michael Brun, and two progressive […]


Kap Slap effectively narrates the year with an hour of jams

When Kap Slap started out, colleges were very lucky to have him score their nights of reveling with his signature style of mashups that made tracks sound brand new. Today, The now seasoned DJ retains the energy he had, but with a massive sophistication to his sound as well. His 2014 yearmix edition of his Slapcast is a smooth […]


Bare Noize Bring Something Special To Pilot Records

Bringing some of the freshest of sounds we have heard all year, Bare Noize have just opened their doors to the “Dire/Reticulum” experience.  A breathtaking showcase of he true talent that is behind London duo, they delve further towards a more experimental sound, yet still incorporate the dubstep roots that run solidly beneath them as […]


Dada Land Compound is US Bound once again

For the thousands of fans who salivated at Dada Life‘s full video of their set at the first ever Dada Land Voyage and to the lucky few who were able to relive it, an enthralling new opportunity to practice the duo’s sacred rules has just presented itself. This morning Olle and Stefan announced the first […]



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