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Kap Slap effectively narrates the year with an hour of jams

When Kap Slap started out, colleges were very lucky to have him score their nights of reveling with his signature style of mashups that made tracks sound brand new. Today, The now seasoned DJ retains the energy he had, but with a massive sophistication to his sound as well. His 2014 yearmix edition of his Slapcast is a smooth […]


Bare Noize Bring Something Special To Pilot Records

Bringing some of the freshest of sounds we have heard all year, Bare Noize have just opened their doors to the “Dire/Reticulum” experience.  A breathtaking showcase of he true talent that is behind London duo, they delve further towards a more experimental sound, yet still incorporate the dubstep roots that run solidly beneath them as […]


Dada Land Compound is US Bound once again

For the thousands of fans who salivated at Dada Life‘s full video of their set at the first ever Dada Land Voyage and to the lucky few who were able to relive it, an enthralling new opportunity to practice the duo’s sacred rules has just presented itself. This morning Olle and Stefan announced the first […]


Viper Recordings Release Their Tenth Birthday Compilation

This year sees UK drum and bass label Viper Recordings turn ten years old, and to mark the occasion, they are releasing a brand new compilation. The platform was born from an idea by producer and DJ Futurebound, and ever since has maintained at the forefront of the scene, putting new talent firmly in the spotlight and nurturing […]

Charity Strike new featured

Charity Strike chuck their version of “Rather Be” back in our playlists

  Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” is without a doubt an iconic tune bound for the classics list. On its way there, dynamic duo Charity Strike stepped in to provide their take by slithering through a myriad of different styles in the initial breakdown and heading into a euphoric new take on the track’s climax. Download […]


Kid Arkade Bring Further Electro Goodness To Ultra

It has been an exciting past couple of months for the mysterious Kid Arkade, after only just releasing their debut single back in September they have already managed to rack up well over 100,000 plays on their SoundCloud. “Underbelly” comes as the third official release through their newfound home of Ultra Music, following on from the […]



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