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By Steve Baltin As he sat backstage in his trailer on the first day of Coachella, gearing up to headline the famed Sahara Tent, Bassnectar felt “euphoric.” “I’m unusually excited. I always have different forms of excitement, but tonight is a big one for me, partly just for the chance to headline such a wicked […]

By Eric R. Danton Twitter today is releasing its buzzed-about new service #music, which promises to “change the way people find music.” The social media company said in a blog post that #music will be both a web platform and an iOS app that suggests music based on users’ Twitter activity. Users can share music […]

Tonight at midnight eastern time, we will finally, at long last, get a full, official new song from Daft Punk. A spokesperson for Columbia did confirm: “Get Lucky” will be made available for download at exactly 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday (April 19), meaning that, in less than 11 hours, you’ll finally know if that version you’ve been […]

Daft Punk has teamed up yet again Yves Saint Laurent Paris for Saint Laurent Music Project.    “Did you catch Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” ad at Coachella?  Were you amazed by the sparkly suits that everyone was wearing? We noticed the following tweet and were intrigued: #daftpunk looking hot in @ysl by Hedi Slimane!… — URSA LOVES (@ursaloves) April 13, […]

With a failing global economy and an increase on “fast retail” where the focus lies more on cost over quality, many fashion enthusiasts are questioning labels, their prices and ultimately their products. Japan has always been known for their high standards, but unfortunately is no exception to the aforementioned doubts. So does the country have […]

Things got pretty heated in Hollywood today at a conference where Diplo called out DJ’s who buy fake fans on social media to falsely inflate the numbers. He specifically named DJ Bl3nd as a culprit and then things escalated between Diplo and Bl3nd’s management team. “Today the W Hotel in Hollywood hosted the dance music […]