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Melbourne based producer Smile On Impact has just released an incredibly varied and textured album in the form of “In Space, No One Can Hear Your Boring Stories”. With five new exclusives on it, there is no area of the electronic spectrum that Smile hasn’t covered, and each track is packed with individuality and aplomb. […]

Having just released his debut single on Pilot Records, the road ahead is looking bright for D&B producer Ownglow. As someone with a career at possibly the most exciting stage, we caught up with him to hear more about his story. Tell us about yourself, how did you end up producing drum and bass? I’m […]

Fresh from landing themselves in the DJ Mag Top 100 results and releasing the massive “Showtime” through Vicious Recordings, production and DJ powerhouse duo Felguk are not holding anything back going into 2015. We caught up with the pair to hear things from their end. Congratulations once again for getting into the DJ Mag Top […]

Mat Zo has been making waves lately–not just with his eclectic music and his frenetic DJ sets, but also with his latest ambitious project, a tour dubbed The Mad Zoo Winter Roadshow in nod to his record label; and he’s just upped the stakes by adding Monstercat’s Haywyre as primary support to the roster. Haywyre […]

In the midst of celebrating the release of his “Step Three” EP this week, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for Never Say Die signing LAXX. We caught up with the innovative bass producer to hear more about how he develops his unique ideas, and where he intends to move forward to in the […]

They’re the dup from Australia who have the party blood in them and the drive to make club-shattering music with no sign of fatigue. They also happen to be the best of brothers, always encouraging each other to bring out their musical potential or to good around in their sets. They’re known as the Stafford […]