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A long and arduous process of working both in the studio and behind the scenes of his shows has brought Hardwell to the titanic success that he enjoys today. Festival stages from continent to continent have enjoyed his own original productions and tracks that share his unique brand of energy. This will all come full […]

There’s never been a more prime time for D.C.’s Andrew Bayer, who boasts one of dance music’s most diverse discographies to date. At the ready to show off his new gems, he will be embarks on a brand new tour for the fall entitled “Do Androids Dream,” making a very desired return to Exchange LA. […]

Embodying the essence of production mastery, EDX has found himself at a stage in his career where he can freely experiment with different styles. EDX is bringing his unique touch to LA once again as he prepares to headline Exchange LA this Friday, October 10th! Win a pair of tickets to the show by entering […]

These days, a new Vegas attraction must have a great foundation and consistency to stay the course; boasting the strip’s best visuals, a terrific toss up of headliners, and live performance from Cirque Du Soleil themselves, Mandalay Bay’s Light Nightclub has far surpassed the demands of Vegas nightlife. Ready to hit haloween again, it’s Lightmare […]

New Years Eve is the holiday that inspires a unanimous abandon of real life from the world, regardless of what day it is. On this year’s hump day insanity, Chicago is in for a treat- not one, but two nights of Zeds Dead as part of REACTion New Years Eve in the Aragon Ballroom. With […]

Bringing home the title of Drum & Bass superstar is noteworthy, but Hospital Records‘ Netsky accomplishes a feat much greater- as evidenced by unique live performances that blow up landmark festivals such as SW4 and the genre bending and enhancing productions he’s put out, he has become more of a musical genius than any before him. In a move to give as […]