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Deadmau5- At Play Vol. 4 New Album!

Coming off after the recent success of “Album Title Goes Here“, Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 has released another installment of his At Play compilation, titled At Play Vol. 4. The album features many experimental tracks that have a groovy and chill sound to them. Though some of them might not be particularly for dance music the album is still a flawless work of art. Do check it out folks! Word on the street is that the album isn’t available for digital purchase as of yet. However you can buy the CD here

Tracklist is listed below:

1. Billy Newton-Davis Vs deadmau5 – I Like Your Music

2. deadmau5 – 1891

3. deadmau5 – GH

4. deadmau5 – Tau V1

5. deadmau5 - Point Vanishes

6. deadmau5 – Tepid

7. deadmau5 – Fustercluck

8. deadmau5 – Sex, Lies, Audiotape (Redux Mix)

9. deadmau5 – Subvert

10. Melleefresh Vs deadmau5 – Something Inside Me (Electro Mix)