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EDM Lifestyle & Culture: The Digital Generation

With Electronic Music being around for decades, we have slowly forged our own culture that we can all relate to. Just like Hip Hop or Rock n Roll, Dance Music has brought people into a new way of life. With a new digital age, we like to embrace not only dance music but a lifestyle that fits our generation. With the embracement of music, arts, fashion, and tradition, together they make for an EDM Culture. We like to call this era the ‘Digital Generation’.

While EDM has exploded upon the nation, many have still not had a chance to understand this culture. You may be new to the scene or have yet to have a proper understanding of what EDM is truly about. The culture that we grew to love is about enjoying the beats from the heart, from sunrise to sunset with friends, family, and even unknowns all around the world. We don’t need words to relate to each other, just some digital beats to get us grooving.

Fashion is an important thing when it comes to the dance music culture. It shows who we are individually and what we represent. We like to break fashion down into two categories; “Night” and “Day”. At festivals it is an amazing feeling because it gives anybody a chance to dress up and become whatever they want, without being judged. Fashion is what “WE” in the culture like to wear and represent the scene. Hip Hop and other scenes have had their trends, and now it’s time to have ours. With brands like JOJO Electro, HOUS, Acrylick, WeSC, Neff, DJ Merch, and many more, we feel like EDM is slowly starting to create a culture for itself.