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Moombahton On The Rise

Still a very young and unique genre of Electronic Music, there has been a huge rise in Moombahton interest. Dave Nada, the young man who started this sensation, first introduced Moombahton in Fall of 2009, as he took Afrojack’s remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie song “Moombah” to 108 beats per minute. Since the tempo nears Reggaeton, Nada combined these names Moombah-ton to form this new upcoming genre of EDM.  Creating a formula for Moombahton by combining the popular Dutch House genre with Reggaeton and keeping the same 4/4 structure with heavy bass on every beat and slowing it all down to around 108 BPM.

The song that started it all:

5 Factors For Moombahton Tracks
1.) Usual tempo around 108 BPM’s
2.) Chopped Vocals
3.) Layered Acapellas
4.) Extended and Enhanced Build Ups
5.) New Drums & Percussion Elements

Since Nada released his first Moombahton tracks in 2010, Moombahton has spread its ways into the hands of many DJ’s and record labels.  Starting out with a dive bar in DC where Nada played at Moombahton Mondays to a small group of EDM aficionados. Diplo’s label, Mad Decent, is a strong prevaior of Moombahton and has embraced it full force. Diplo describes it as something that was everywhere at once.

“It was global from the beginning,[Unlike] something like dubstep that was centered in London, and then moved to Canada, and Australia … Moombahton … just happened everywhere, man. I was getting music from all over the place.”

Producer’s such as Dillon Francis, DJ Sabo, Brodinski, Boyfriend, DJ Heartbreak, Freaky Philip, and more have been blowing up the scene around the world and creating sub-genres of Moombahton.  From Moombahcore to Moombahsoul, artists are taking the adolesent sound and combining it with everything from Hip Hop to Jazz to Rock to create a unique and universal sound that is infecting the world.

Diplo’s Moombahton 2k11 Mix | Download