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Skrillex Lap Tops & Hard Drives Stolen

With all the Skrillex leaks that have been happening lately, Sonny Moore seems to have announced the reasoning behind it all.  This seems to be only a small speed bump for Skrillex, but we know he will come back stronger than ever!  Read below for his statements on everything thats been going on.

Just gonna set it strait. I had 2 laptops and both of my hard drives stolen out of my hotel in Milan Italy last month. On those laptops and drives were all the project files of Skrillex. All gone now. Also I had a new album that is now gone too. I spent a week pulling my hair out but now im just focusing on the future and re making my album.

Was supposed to remix the new Gaga song “Born This Way” but didnt get to finish it before my drives got stolen. I found this on youtube. This leaked (God only knows how every one of my tracks do). But here it is; my unfinished remix of “Born This Way”