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DJ Showdown – Tiesto vs. Armin van Buuren

First off, both of these DJ’s are incredible and we have huge respect for both of them! But if you had to choose between your favorite trance legend… which would it be?

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is from the Netherlands and is only 34 years old. At such a young age Armin has risen to the top of the electronic scene and has many more to come. Once again he has managed to obtain and hold the #1 DJ spot according to DJ Mag rankings. Some albums that have paved the way for Armin are: 76(2003), Shivers(2005), Imagine(2008), and Mirage(2010). Armin has a weekly radio show on XM Electric Area and releases State of Trance Podcast mixes every week! Some of Armin’s tracks that have made him the number #1 DJ for all these years!

Shivers | Download

Imagine | Download (One of my favorite trance songs of all time!)

Mirage | Download


Tiesto is a Dutch musician and recently just turned 42. Tiesto was named #1 DJ, three consecutive years from 2002-2004, but is currently sitting at #3. Just after releasing his second studio album in 2004, he became the first DJ to perform at the World Olympics in Athens, Greece. Some studio albums that have paved the way for Tiesto’s success are: In My Memory(2001), Just Be(2004), Parade of Athletes(2004), Elements of Life(2007), and Kaleidoscope(2009). Tiesto was a huge headliner success at the Coachella 2010 festival, where he made everyone there, be known of his presence <3 Some tracks that have made Tiesto a top DJ’s for all these years are:

Adagio for Strings | Download

Elements of Life | Download

Urban Train | Download